Welcum to my website Friends, Fans, and Fellow Pervs! My name, or should I say, names, are Kay, Hotwife Kay, Kay Kummingz and Hotwife Kay Kummingz. Iíve been in the Adult Entertainment industry for many years now. And over that time I have wound up with more than a few stage names. But all you really need to remember is, ďIím The Classiest Slut You Will Ever Meet!Ē







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So, How Did I Become Hotwife Kay Kummingz?


Here's the "quickie" version. For all the sordid details you will just have to read my "Sexography". That should keep you busy & "hard" for a while! It sure kept me Hot, Happy, and having a Ton of Fun!


The Early Years


I was a very shy girl, especially in the bedroom! I graduated from high school, went to college at a small state school in central Vermont, and met my future "husband to be".  We had kids, bought our first house, and worked hard climbing those corporate ladders. But I was still very shy in the bedroom! For the 1st 5 years we were married I wouldn't even let my husband leave the lights on while we were having sex! Then a very interesting thing happened - after we were married 10 years my husband asked what I thought about swinging. I wasn't ready to jump into the lifestyle right away, but I told him to "hang onto that thought!"


The Swinging Years - Part 1


Well, one night he surprised me and took me to a local swingers club. We sat in the back for most of the night & we just watched. Most of the women were dressed like hookers if they were dressed at all! More than 1 was walking around topless, and one brave sole wore nothing but high heals and a scarf! We finally hit the dance floor, and some woman licked my pussy for the rest of the song! Welcum to Leisure Time!

My hubby and I spent the next few years learning the ins-and-outs of swinging. We had a lot of fun, and met a lot of awesome people.  But we also found that it can be hard to meet couples where there is an attraction for everyone. Then a funny thing happened - my husband was getting off watching other guys fuck me as much as he was getting off fucking the wives! So, then came the men, and men, & more men!!


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The Swinging Years - Part 2


My hubby decided it was a lot easier to get men to join him in tag-teaming me than it was to find hot couples that turned both of us on. Thank You Honey! That started what he still loves to call the "Winter Slut Tour - 2006". That was when I went from "Swinger Wife" to "Slut Wife". I must have had sex with at least 30 different men that winter! THEN he started bringing 3, 4 & 5 men at a time to fuck me!  That was when I went from "Slut Wife" to "Gang Bang Wife"! And the entire time that he was bringing men to fuck me you KNOW that he was filming it all! I'll bet you can guess what happened next? "Honey, what do you think about doing porno's?"



The Porn Years Begin & Continue!


I was having so much fun when my hubby asked if I wanted to do porno's it took me all of 3 seconds to say "Hell Yes!" So he built a little website, put a few of my "adult" pictures & videos on it, and the fun was on!!! Before long the video shoots became a little more "specific", my "naughty pictures" started to be taken by people other than my husband,  and I started appearing in magazines & on other websites.  I even did video & picture shoots for The Score Group. I'm on their 40SomethingMag.com and MILFTugs.com websites, I'm in their  July 2012 & April 2013 issues of 40Something  magazine, and on their MILFTugs.com DVD and their FuckMyOldAss6 DVD (Not a big fan of that name - lol!).

Now I have this website, my KayKummingz.com site, my Private Skype Shows, group WebCam Shows on my WebCam site NakedXXXChat.com, my videoclips and DVDs I've produced are for sale, & my videos are streamed on-demand. I guess you can say I've come a long, long way from that shy girl my hubby married many years ago. We still swing just for the fun of it because, hey, sex is a blast! But I am also having a blast being an Adult Performer! Won't you cum in & take a look around, and have a blast too?


Kisses, Hotwife Kay Kummingz






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