I was born in the Midwest, but raised in New England. I had a typical upbringing with siblings and family pets. By nature I have always been a happy person with a positive outlook on life. When it came to my body I was very shy and self-conscious. However I started to feel sexually aroused when I hit puberty. I didnít understand anything about sex then, but at times for no reason I would start tingling between my legs and that would make my nipples get hard. In the beginning I would rub between my legs and pinch my nipples and I began having my first orgasms. I didnít know thatís what it was then, but what I did know was that it felt good, so I did it a lot! I guess that was the precursor to the freak that lives within me today.

The first time I had sex I was seventeen years old. I met this guy while I was working a summer job before going off to college. We went to a bonfire with a bunch of people and drank some beers. Not too far from the bonfire was a lumber yard. I had just the right amount of alcohol in me to be daring. The guy I was with talked me into climbing up on top of the biggest pile of lumber there. Then he convinced me to take my clothes off and have sex with him. I lost my driverís license AND my virginity that night somewhere in that wood pile never to be seen again..lol!


I was so shy I didnít have sex again until I was in my first year of college with a boyfriend who was five years older than me. That was when I really began experiencing sex and realized my love of sucking cock. After this boyfriend came and went I had a couple other that I had sex with and one in particular that introduced me to anal sex, that is now one of my favorite sexual acts. I was still painfully shy and not one to initiate sex, but I never turned down an opportunity to have it. It wasnít until I transferred colleges and met my future husband that sex as I knew it would change forever and for the better.

When I met my future husband Gee he had already had multiple sexual experiences including group sex. He was and is your typical male pervert that had exactly what I needed to bring out the hidden freak within me. The two of us meeting created the perfect storm. He was able to convince me to do all kinds of sexual things I had never done before or ever would think of doing on my own.

It was on a cold winter afternoon on a dirt road in Vermont that I willingly bent over the hood of my car and let him fuck me in public that convinced him heíd found his sexual match, and the love of his life. You may find this shocking, but the first five years we were married I continued to be very shy and more often than not weíd have sex in the dark because it made me feel the most comfortable.


It wasnít until weíd been married over ten years that he suggested the idea of swinging. Eventually we had a few experiences with other couples and it was fun, but meeting the right couples to play with wasnít easy. However my husband found that seeing me have sex with other men really turned him on. It was a couple of years later that I decided I wanted (needed) to get breast implants. Between having children and losing weight I wanted to feel sexy and look better, so I had them enhanced. We were both very happy with the outcome. For the first time I was the perfect size that went with my huge nipples.

Gee had taken nude pictures of me for years and we had filmed ourselves having sex, but we never showed anyone. After I had my breasts done Gee could no longer keep the pictures he was taking of me to himself. I didnít know about it until after, but he showed a few co-workers my naked pictures, and one of them found me to be really hot. That was when my husband suggested that they do me together. As it turned out his friend was a very sexy black guy who was hung like a horse. We did play and the sex was so outrageous that it was the beginning of Gee sharing me with lots and lots of single men. This is where my life as a Hotwife really began.

After that experience we started meeting many single men for the purpose of fucking and capturing it on film for ourselves. The videos were so hot that I decided to share a couple of them with the thousands of people in our network on AFF (Adult Friend Finder); and the positive reaction was overwhelming! I couldnít believe all the responses I got about how hot it was to watch me have sex. I found it a huge turn on to hear from couples who told me they were fucking like crazy, and single men that were jerking off to my videos. Gee had been trying to convince me for a while that we should sell my videos on the internet and I should have a website. I was finally ready to go for it. So for the last 6 plus years we have been working on developing my extensive collection of videos and of DVDs. I do reality porn and my husband captures my hot sexual experiences just as they happen, on film.


Itís amazing after 26 years of marriage how I went from being extremely shy, to being a total freak that loves sex and can never get enough of it. My husband gets off on sharing and seeing me with tons of other men Ė he loves his wife being very, very slutty. He loves to encourage me to do things Iíve never done before. One of my favorites is doing GangBangs.

I love to have sex with many men at the same time. I love men of all races, but I do have a special affinity for BBC. I also love women and the taste of pussy! My husband loves for me to have special boyfriends too that are available to fuck me at a momentís notice, or take me out on the occasional date alone while he is home letting his imagination run wild about what my date and I are doing. And I canít wait to get home and tell him all about it.


I am literally my loving husbandís sexual fantasy Hotwife come true. He turned a very shy, very good girl into a very classy slut that gets off on doing naughty and nasty things with lots of other men. Seeing me have mind blowing sex with other men drives him wild. Itís very exciting for both of us to be in this lifestyle. My husband is in no way a cuckold. We are still swingers and I enjoy watching him fuck other women when the opportunity presents itself. I even bring some of my hot girlfriends home as presents for him to fuck!

I hope youíll take my tour and check out my video trailers to see and hear for yourself what Iím all about. Youíll find that I am very vocal. I ALWAYS talk very dirty and nasty during sex! If you fuck me I will fuck you back..lol! I have a special talent for deep throating any size dick. And the beauty of that is that it makes my pussy squirt! Iíve done lots of different sexual things, but there is still so much I have yet to experience. If you like what you see I hope youíll stick around because Iím definitely going to make you cum a lot!

Kisses Sweetie,

Hotwife Kay Kummingz